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Combo, birthday Petting Zoo (20+) and Pony Rides
The Birthday Zoo is focused towards small children
with lots of little animals,nothing too tall or too big.
The small petting zoo animals are:
A mini cow, baby llama, woolly sheep, cute mini pigs,
bunny rabbits, goats, fancy chickens, & Ducks
 A Sulcata tortoise will replace rabbits in the warm months
All of these animals are chosen to be size appropriate for small children.
This Zoo is a 20+ animals, up to 16 x 16 area set up.
(zoo food available only for Birthday zoo)

         The Birthday Zoo is focused towards small children
          with lots of little animals
             The birthday petting zoo animals are:
              A mini cow, baby llama, Woolly Sheep,
                       cute mini Pigs, Bunny Rabbits, goats, fancy Chickens & ducks
                         All of these animals are chosen to be size appropriate for small children.
                   This zoo is 20+ animals, up to 16 x 16 area set up.
               (zoo food only available for Birthday zoo)
The event Zoo or large Zoo is focused towards family events.
We always have a special variety of  large and small animals.
Plus a much larger area for your party and a minimum of two zoo keepers to help
with your party and educate your party guests.
 Llama, Alpaca, Mini Zebu Cow,Mini Horse or mini Donkey,Giant Sulcata Tortoises (weather permitting),
 Sheep, Goats, variety of fancy Chickens, Ducks,  
Rabbits, Mini Pigs, and whatever momma and baby pairs we have available at the time.
This Zoo is 35+ animals, 28 x 28 set up.
We also have Pony Rides, both hand led or on a carousel
Ponies are available by themselves & with the Petting Zoo

Ponies can be dressed up of your party.
We have many colored pads, halters and accessories for our ponies
Western Pony, Unicorn Pony, Frozen Pony, Sven Pony,Pink Pony, Rainbow Pony, Purple Pony, etc.
Pony carousels can be 4 ponies, 5 ponies or 6 ponies.
We are now offering Llama and Zebu rides on the carousel as well
Llama and Zebu (Mini Cow) have a max weight limit of 50 lbs

The little dressed up Pig is available to school fund-raisers,
fund-raisers and just for fun.
The Pig for "Kiss the Pig" is available Monday - Thursday


Ewe (pronounced you) is a female sheep)

Have some down to Earth fun with your petting zoo
We have 1 & 2 hour party / event times available.
If the time / date has a 2 hour time open you must book 2 hours, 1 hour parties are fit around other event times. 

Check out Payment & reservation fee policies on the reservation & service payment page
Please email or call for a full quote. 
Ewe can always add upgrades to your booking as long as they are available
Ewe cannot decrease the size of a party or event booking after it is booked
Ewe CAN add but NOT subtract
Zoo Food (Veggies) is available for birthday parties for an additional $30
All Petting Zoos will have either a Mini Cow, Mini Horse, Mini Donkey or a Llama.
We always choose the animals for the zoo based on the kind of event, age of children attending & personality of the animal. 
Let our cute critters corral your heart.
Ewe (pronounced you) is a female sheep
Since I am Tending to the daily care of all my critters and attending my events, Please forgive me if I am unable to take your call right away. My Critters and Family come first. Please feel free to call, text or email me. I will get back with you as soon as I can.
Animal list may vary a little due to availability and weather.

USDA Licensed and Insured

   Healthy, friendly & clean animals, mobile to your event

 Family owned & operated

Mobile Petting Zoo & Pony Ride Parties

Serving all of the Dallas, Fort Worth & surrounding DFW Area

Ewe Pet Petting Zoo and Pony Rides
Serving the Dallas & Fort Worth Metroplex
Mobile to your event
With the continued high cost of fuel,
we do charge $1 a mile one way to your event
Events 60-100 miles away, we charge $.75 a mile round trip.
Over 100 miles each way, Call text or e-mail for a quote

 In the hot summer months bunny rabbits will not be included in the petting zoo

All pricing is based on regular grass set up with parking either next to the zoo or within 20ft.

Longer distance or setting up on surfaces other than grass with have additional fees 

If there are icy road conditions your party may need to be moved by EwePet to a new date or time

Under Texas Law (chapter 87 Civil Practice and Remedies Code), A farm animal professional is not liable for an injury to, or death of, a participant in farm animal activities resulting from the inherent risks of farm animal activities 


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